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Tension and compression test systems with touch screen control

Ideal for routine testing on production floor and in QC labs 

Mecmesin MultiTest-xt universal testers are designed for use directly within the manufacturing environment. They require minimal training to operate, and provide quick, accurate and repeatable production-line quality conformance tests. With the press of a couple of buttons, sample throughput is maximised, while clear colour-coded pass/fail indicators show instant results. A MultiTest-xt system provides rapid feedback for a production line, which can easily reduce wastage.

Behind the system lies our powerful Emperor™ software that allows you to create you own library of tensile or compression tests, suited precisely to your products and requirements. The software controls the system, tracks the test sample, the batch and the operator, and captures the detail you require. It performs calculations on the stored results, and interfaces with SPC systems and other analytical packages.

For even greater versatility and exceptional data analysis capability, have a look at our computer-controlled test systems.

Key benefits of our touch screen force test systems include:

Rapid testing
rapid test selection by user-defined icons

Quick, Efficient Test Solutions

Test selection includes push button icons for instant access to your five most frequently used tests, selected from an unlimited library. You define the button images and the tests as required, while other tests are easy to find by touch menus. The MultiTest-xt range makes routine quality testing simple.

Clear results
live test view, by graph or results table

Clear Results

You set the criteria: pass/fail indicators then identify good and bad test samples. See each test progress as a 'live event' graph, in order to observe changes in sample performance, or view a batch in tabulated form for comparisons between each sample.

Full Evaluation
create your own report templates

Evaluation and Reporting of Results

Use a wide range of calculations to evaluate your test results, and to highlight points of interest. Create your own custom report templates or use those provided as standard. Alternatively, send raw data or calculated results for analysis and use in other systems or applications.

Data Transfer
connectivity via USB

Transfer Data to Other Systems and Devices

The Emperor™-xt software behind each MultiTest-xt enables export of data direct to an SPC system, a remote PC, printer or datalogger, for further detailed analysis and reporting.

fully programmable universal testers

Fully Programmable

You can create and store unlimited test programs in your own library, developing and adapting them as your requirements change. A MultiTest-xt selected for its tensile testing capabilities is always tomorrow's compression tester too. And for security, password protected areas ensure everyday operators cannot accidentally change programs or settings.

MultiTest-xt range
MultiTest-xt range of universal testers

The MultiTest-xt Range of Test Stands

Our universal testing machines include single and twin column models, covering the range of 500 N up to 50 kN.

Additional features include:

  • an upgrade option to run programs written in Mecmesin's more powerful Emperor™ Advanced Program Builder software
  • load holding, available in two separate programmable steps
  • digital I/O for interface with a PLC/Digital Control Interface

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Experts in Force Measurement

For over 40 years, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force test measurement products. We offer a fully comprehensive service ensuring you feel confident using the product and it provides you with reliable, accurate performance for years to come. Visit our Support & Services section for more details.