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May 2020:
Online test equipment and training demos


As more people are working from home to reduce non-essential travel, our technical sales engineers can provide online equipment demos or training sessions via web-based video calls.

If possible, send in your own samples and our sales team will be able to present your own products being tested.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and to arrange an online demo or training session.

Pump dispenser bottle operation

Customised engineering example

Propellants, such as pressurised gas, are avoided for many reasons as a method for dispensing liquids and sprays. Dispensers with manual spring-loaded pumps are often used in their place.

These dispensers are shaped for finger operation, and as filled containers, they typically give a more reliable dosage when used.

So how do you repeatedly test the actuation force of an awkward and messy pump dispenser? Mecmesin met a client's needs by custom-designing a bottle support cavity and a stainless steel collection bin, into which the contents were expelled by the pump.

This efficient solution ensured the correct alignment of the dispenser for the compression test and afforded easy cleaning of the expelled liquids and creams.


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