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Computer-controlled Test Systems

For unlimited tensile testing, compression testing and analysis capability

Our MultiTest-i series of tensile testers are rated from 500 N to 50 kN, in single and twin column models. Grips and fixtures are available for holding any test specimen, and if a custom grip or fixture is required, Mecmesin has the engineering expertise to design and make to requirement on our premises. Highly versatile, MultiTest-i systems are suitable for production testing or design and laboratory use. They can be programmed and configured for rapid batch testing and tracking, or for application of any individual industry standard test methods that involve tension or compression force measurement.

MultiTest-i testers employ a comprehensive range of interchangeable intelligent loadcells (ILCs) with automatic recognition of calibration data, in 14 models, rated from 2 N to 50 kN. Excellent resolution and outstanding accuracy come as standard with these systems.

Mecmesin's powerful Emperor™ software controls all the MultiTest-i systems. These top-of-the-range universal tensile and compression testers come fully programmable, with comprehensive evaluation and analysis tools. They are used worldwide for performing industry standard test methods for products and materials of all kinds.

Emperor universal tester control and analysis software

Emperor™ Software

Emperor's flexible programming structure gives you the freedom to design and customise compression and tensile tests to suit your specific requirements, and create libraries of test programs to recall at the touch of a button.

  • Build your own test program
  • Review test data
  • Evaluate results in-depth
  • Create test reports
Build Program
create your own force test or tensile test program

Build Program

  • Design and tailor your force or tensile test
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface
  • Toolbars simplify test management
  • Create sample pass/fail criteria
  • Automatically detects parameters e.g. peak load, average load, etc
  • Contains a library of typical test procedures e.g. run to force, displacement,
    break or time
View Test Data
live presentation of data plot and criteria-based results

View Compression and
Tensile Test Data

  • See the test data appear 'live' in graphical format
  • Customise views to suit how you wish to see the data
  • Colour-coded results for easy pass/fail analysis
  • Test replay facility to help identify critical points
  • Simple print function provides an instant record
Evaluate Test Data
evaluate and annotate test data

Evaluate Compression and
Tensile Test Data

  • User-definable calculations (e.g. peak load, average load, etc)
  • Highlight and note points of interest
  • Use the zoom tool to precisely pinpoint important areas
  • Archive and export data to your own software (e.g. Excel, SPC package, etc)
  • Comprehensive Help system only a click away
Generate Test Report
compression and tensile test reports

Generate Compression and
Tensile Test Report

  • Use Emperor's summary report tool for a pdf format
  • Customise your own report using 'auto-export to Excel' function
  • Maintain detailed records of previous tests

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Experts in Force Measurement

For over 40 years, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force test measurement products. We offer a fully comprehensive service ensuring you feel confident using the product and it provides you with reliable, accurate performance for years to come. Visit our Support & Services section for more details.