432-677 is a vice fixture for mounting to the base of a test stand when performing tension and compression tests. It has three jaws, two vertically spaced on one side, clamping with a single jaw at mid-height. The double jaw is precisely adjusted with a screw-action handle to set it in a fixed lateral position. The single jaw is moveable with it being locked and unlocked into place by a toggle-action lever. This allows for quick loading and release of the test sample.
432-677 V-jaw vice clamp bottle pull cap application close
Container holders for tensile testing DS-1107-05-L00 Container holders for tensile testing DS-1107-05-L00

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Load Rating
500 N
( 110 lbf )


Quick Change
20 mm
1 kg
432-677 678 V-jaw vice clamp 432-677 678 V-jaw vice clamp
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