Rotating Crimp Receptacle for CrimpTest-1 Tester (supplied as standard with the Tester)

A versatile crimp termination holder that accommodates a wide range of terminal sizes.

The inner slotted ring rotates to fit up to 10 different-sized crimp terminals. The shoulder of the terminal rests against the inner ring for tensile pull-off tests up to 1 kN.

Used for tensile test on wire terminal in accordance with international standard test methods.

Supplied with fixing screw for connection to CrimpTest-1 Tester


Rotating crimp receptacle for CrimpTest-1
CrimpTest-1 kN with loop connectors, crimp receptacle
Rotating crimp receptacle for CrimpTest-1, web version


Rotating crimp receptacle and cam grip for CrimpTest-1 kN Rotating crimp receptacle and cam grip for CrimpTest-1 kN

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