Paper and board are used in a wide range of applications and, as such, they undergo various stages of processing which place significant demands on their material strength.

During the printing process, the paper is handled from cut sheets or rolls (webs) and the tensile strength and elongation properties must meet stringent customer requirements. The tensile breaking strength and elongation of paper and board are measured by testing paper strips according to various international and industry standards (ISO, TAPPI, etc.). Results are calculated to allow the evaluation of tensile breaking strength, breaking length, extensibility and the tear factor.

Versatile and dedicated systems

Mecmesin has a range of tensile and compression testers together with dedicated machines for friction, peel and tear testing.

These test systems are ideally suited to a range of applications:


  • bending stiffness
  • coefficient of friction (ink coated in high-speed automated processing machines etc.)
  • corrugated medium test (CMT)
  • internal bond strength
  • ring-crush test (RCT)
  • short-span compression test (SCT)
  • tensile dry and wet ('finch') test
  • zero-span tensile test


  • ball burst
  • tensile dry and wet ('finch') test


  • 3 and 4-point flexure corrugated
  • box crush test (BCT)
  • compressive S-test buckling
  • crease test
  • edge crush test (ECT)
  • flat-crush test (FCT)
  • puncture test
  • pin adhesion test

In addition to the physical strength testing of paper materials, Mecmesin test equipment is also suitable for products utilising paper/board as a core component. The Mecmesin Page Pull Tester is specially designed for testing the adhesive strength of the glued spine to pages of hardcover books, paperbacks, magazines, telephone directories and catalogues.

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