Threaded cap testing solutions by Mecmesin

Our expertise lies in our ability to deliver solutions across different industries, with everything from simple 'handheld' torque instruments to sophisticated 'motorized' and 'automated' testing systems.

Mecmesin Tornado, manual digital torque tester


Manual digital torque tester

Measure application and removal torque quickly, accurately and effectively.

  • Rugged compact versatile design
  • Configurable multi-point data
  • Onboard memory

Available from $2,650 plus fixturing - buy online or request a quote.

Mecmesin Vortex-xt, motorized torque testing system


Console-driven torque testing system

A motorized software-controlled torque tester with touchscreen for consistent torque measurement and evaluation.

  • Control torque, angle and speed of test for consistency and reliability
  • Program and re-use preset tests for quick changeover
  • Improve efficiency with minimal operator interaction

Available from $13,855 plus fixturing - click here to find out more about the Vortex system.

Mecmesin ABC-t, automated bottle closure testing system


Automated bottle closure tester

Optimise your production line and operator efficiency with an automated batch tester.

  • Batch testing ensures repeatability and frees up operators
  • Measure initial slip torque, detect bridge torque peak
  • Pneumatic actuation for speed and efficiency
  • Simple 'push button' test selection

Available from $59,750 plus fixturing - click here to find out more about the ABC-t system.

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