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PVC Pipe Valve Actuation Torque

A PVC water pipe valve's torque to turn was measured for production line QC checks. A custom, portable jig for different sized samples with a digital readout enabled quick inspections.

Easy checking of PVC pipe valve torques ensures quick QC inspection

The torque tester accommodates all sizes and designs of PVC pipe


Nawaplastic industries (Saraburi) Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes a wide range of PVC pipes, components and fittings and associated products and services in plumbing, drainage and agricultural applications. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant products are used in many environments and confined spaces, and a user must be able to turn the flow adjustment lever with ease while the valve itself exhibits effective material strength and sealing properties.

To meet their own customers' requirements, the company required a testing solution to enable rapid and accurate quality control checking of the actuation torque to turn on several water valve designs. A variety of pipe bore dimensions and control lever configurations were manufactured at the same production facility and a portable, versatile testing station was needed. to provide meaningful data for confident comparison of differences from sample to sample.


A small portable torque testing solution ensures rapid QC production checks

An instantaneous digital readout of the valve's torque characteristics enables rapid QC checking

Mecmesin Thailand supplied a 'Smart' Static Torque Transducer of appropriate capacity and an Advanced Force and Torque Indicator (AFTI) to measure and display the test readings. In addition, a specially designed fixture and stand was made to support a variety of valve sizes, and the whole unit was small enough to be easily portable for point-of-production quality control inspections.