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Syringe pump calibrator

16 May 2019


  • Portable digital gauge with display
  • Loadcell custom calibrated to 100 N
  • Custom fixture to locate into the syringe


  • Bespoke solution to meet the exact loading requirement
  • Very simple to use with clear result indication
Pressure sensor calibration is key to the accurate ‘occlusion’ monitoring performance of Cardinal Health medical infusion devices. A precise, repeatable and reliable ‘occlusion’ force calibration tool is essential for our customers, service personnel and production use. Mecmesin have provided expert design advice, equipment samples and test strategies to ensure Cardinal Health have been able to achieve these aims.

Justin Gyer, Instruments Engineering Manager
Cardinal Health


Medical device manufacturers, Cardinal Health, supply a range of syringe pump infusion systems to hospitals. A critical safety feature of the pump is the automatic detection of a blockage or 'occlusion' which may halt infusion of the drug to the patient. This will present itself as a build-up of excess pressure behind the syringe plunger, detectable by an integrated occlusion-monitoring pressure sensor.

Safe pressure parameters are pre-programmed into the system before use, and an alarm is triggered if these are exceeded. It is therefore vital for the sensor to be precisely accurate in order to ensure early occlusion detection, and guarantee a consistent dosage reaches the patient. Cardinal Health, therefore, required a tool with which to perform regular calibration of the occlusion-monitoring sensor.


The company previously supplied their customers with an analogue force gauge to carry out the calibration, however this low-tech solution could not provide the required level of accuracy.

Cardinal Health worked closely with Mecmesin in joint development of a custom-engineered 'occlusion tester', comprising the CFG 100 N digital force gauge with a special fixture designed to fit comfortably into the syringe seat. This portable and rugged equipment has proven very successful for the company, enabling their customers to improve patient safety assurance.

Test equipment

  • CFG Compact Force Gauge
  • Custom syringe seating fixture to actuate the gauge under compressive load
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