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Elongation test of infusion solution bag

13 December 2018

Products used in the medical and healthcare industries must be quality tested to ensure patient safety. The test equipment must enable the test procedure to be fully implemented, even for material samples with extreme elongation properties.


  • Motorised force tester customised for increased crosshead travel


  • In-house capability to perform QA testing
  • Capacity to test wide range of products and materials
We purchase Mecmesin products because of their versatility, and the excellent local support we receive in Mexico. This particular system works extremely well on our (infusion bag tensile strength) application.

Ernesto Romero,
Fresenius Kabi


Fresenius Kabi is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and delivery systems for infusion therapies and clinical nutrition. The company needed to ascertain the elongation capacity of a polyolefin film used in the manufacture of an infusion solution container.

The customer could not find a test stand on the market with sufficient crosshead travel to effect the required elongation of the material.


Mecmesin’s distributor Precitool Mexico supplied the customer with an AFG 1000 N force gauge, a set of Pneumatic Grips and a MultiTest 1 motorised stand, specially adapted to provide an increased crosshead travel of 1000 mm.

This custom-engineered system has enabled Fresenius Kabi to improve their production quality control, as they are now able to perform a conclusive tensile test on the film to ensure it can withstand the required 500% elongation.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest motorised test stand
  • Advance Force Gauge
  • Rubber-faced vice grips
Company Info
  • Company: Fresnius Kabi
  • Industry: Medical and medical device
  • Fresenius Kabi is an international health care company that specializes in medicines and infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition technologies

  • Company website

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