Syringe Luer lock attachment removal

Customised engineering example

Our client is a biomedical company who manufacture HA medical solutions supplied in glass syringes with compression-fit polycarbonate luer locks.

Quality-control testing of the luer connector requires measurement of the torque required to rotate the polycarbonate fitting, to ensure it cannot come away under normal use.

The syringes come in various sizes, so a flexible range of dedicated grips was required. Mecmesin met their needs with customised fixtures to hold the glass barrel of the syringe, and a universal star-shaped mandrel to grip the polycarbonate luer fitting.

Since the torques involved are so small, the universal mandrel is inserted in a stirrup, which is connected to the torque sensor. This allows the mandrel to move vertically as the fitting turns on the thread, without adversely influencing the torque measurement.


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