Dental abrasive disk integrity

Case study
Dental abrasion disk integrity sample preparation
Dental abrasion disk integrity sample preparation
Vortex with dental abrasive disk fixtures
Vortex with dental abrasive disk fixtures


  • Software-controlled torque tester software
  • Custom fixtures to engage with eyelet and clamp the disk


  • Special fixtures designed for the test specimen ensure rapid, accurate testing
  • Quick-release lower fixture accommodates two abrasive disk sizes
  • The motor-driven test system is essential for highly-repeatable torque testing
  • Programmable test routines for fully-flexible suite of procedures


The resistance to slippage of the eyelet crimp at the centre of a dental abrasive disk is a key measure of the quality of the product. The test is to check for any relative rotational slippage between the two components under an applied torque. An improved process was implemented with a quick-change custom fixture, an automated test program and the added capability to export the data results for further analysis and SPC monitoring.

A global supplier of medical equipment manufactures dental finishing disks for shaping, contouring and polishing. The product is comprised of a flexible, abrasive-coated disk and a crimped metal eyelet at its centre—where it connects to the mandrel/hub of the dental instrument during use. The company wanted to improve its overall process for testing the integrity of the disk. 

The test involves applying a pre-set torque to the eyelet and then making a visual check to see whether it has slipped relative to the abrasive disk. Two disk sizes of 3/8” and 1/2" diameter needed to be tested using the same test system and gripping fixture.


Mecmesin designed and manufactured a custom fixture for rapid batch testing of the different sizes of abrasive disk on a Vortex-i automated torque tester. Prior to testing, the specimen is marked across both disk and eyelet to clearly indicate if breakaway occurs. A clamp secures the outer disk, and a conical probe engages the eyelet to exert the appropriate torque. The EmperorTM software controls the Vortex-i torque tester to apply the specified torque at a constant 5.0 rev/min. After the test, the specimen is removed from the fixture and the marks checked for indication of rotation of the abrasive part against the eyelet. If representative samples show sufficient resistance to breakaway under the applied torque, the batch can be accepted. If not, then adjustments to the crimping machine can be made.

Emperor enables the test data to be automatically exported to Excel® for reporting and further analysis—another requirement of the solution.

Test equipment

  • Vortex-i torque testing system with ITC 1.5 N.m sensor. 
  • Emperor fully programmable torque testing software.
  • Custom-designed upper probe - tapered to hold the eyelet.
  • Special lower clamping fixture - double-sided to suit both sizes of abrasive disk.
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