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Surgical instrument operational torque

14 June 2019

Customised engineering example

Endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical instruments are operated by axial and rotating adjustments in the handle, to perform precision movement in the head.

A manufacturer of articulating fan retractors asked us to provide fixturing for testing the operating torque of their laparoscopic medical device. Of particular interest was the torque required to operate the two controls - to splay and to flex the fan retractor head.

Mecmesin adapted its Vortex-i torque tester by extending its column height to accommodate the complete length of the medical device. A central support bar was added above which the device is held at one side in a V-shaped clamp. The other end is held in a second V-shaped clamp connected to the torque sensor.

By gripping the twist controls in the handle, it is possible to simulate each manipulation of the medical device to open the fan and articulate it. This allowed the torque required to turn to be tested for smoothness of operation in preparation for use by a surgeon.

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