Motorised torque tester

Vortex-dv motorised torque test stand with Advanced Force Torque Indicator

The Vortex-dV is a versatile, robust, stand-alone torque tester, rated to 10 N.m. Easy to use, it is suited for routine quality control checks in a production or lab environment.

Configure this motor-driven stand with a torque sensor connected to a display unit, a choice of gripping fixtures, and optional software.

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Vortex-dV motorised torque testing system frame/stand emphasised

Vortex test frame

A sturdy twin-column test frame capable of applying torque up to 10 N.m (90 lbf.in). Tall and wide enough to accept a variety of test specimens yet compact to use as a bench-top tester.

Test frame

The Vortex-dV has a sturdy, twin-column, motorised test frame which is designed to apply torque up to a capacity of 10 N.m.

Specimens up to 440mm tall and 280mm wide can easily be tested in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Manual controls
The Vortex-dV has a control wheel for interacting with the motor and the onscreen menu. Its small footprint makes it the perfect choice as a bench-top device.

The Vortex-dV display provides a clear read out of the current torque and when combined with an Advanced Force & Torque Indicator can store up to 500 readings and peak torque.

Torque sensors

A range of 'Smart' interchangeable torque sensors are specially adapted for the Vortex-dV test system. Plug and play for automatic calibration and a range of capacities for all requirements, from 1.5 N.m (13 lbf.in) to 10 N.m (90 lbf.in).

Vortex-dv sensor and AFTI highlighted

'Smart' torque sensors

The 'Smart' range of interchangeable torque sensors is specially adapted to the Vortex-dV. To ensure that you have the optimum selection to meet your torque testing needs, four different sensors are available. All sensors measure from zero and cover the range from 1.5 N.m right up to 10 N.m.

Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.5% of the sensor capacity.

The 'Smart' sensor you choose is connected to a single torque display unit (AFTI), which automatically recognises the calibration characteristics without any input from the operator. The AFTI is linked to the test frame via an interface cable allowing measurement data to be simultaneously displayed on its control panel.

Each sensor is fitted with a ⅜" male square drive for connection to a range of fixing tables and chucks to hold your specimens.

Sensor capacity, range and accuracy

Each sensor reads from zero to its full nominal capacity (listed below). Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.5% of the sensor capacity.

Model 1.5 3 6 10
N.m 1.5 3 6 10
kgf.cm 15 30 60 100
lbf.in 13 26 50 90

Mecmesin issued sensor and device calibration certificates

Each sensor is delivered as standard with its own calibration certificate traceable to national standards.

Servicing and calibration

Mecmesin service - mobile and at home

Mecmesin also provides annual servicing and torque sensor re-calibration. Talk to one of our engineers or your local national distributor to find out more.

Emperor™ Software

VectorPro Lite background image screen and logo
Vector Pro Lite software test screen loaded on laptop

VectorPro® Lite software

Available as an optional extra to Mecmesin’s Vortex-dV motorised torque tester, VectorPro Lite is an advanced data acquisition and plotting software package. Call-up pre-stored test routines, present test data graphically and issue test reports.

Simply connect the interface cables from your motorised torque tester to your PC, and you are ready to enjoy enhanced testing with the power of VectorPro Lite.

Advanced data acquisition, plotting and test storage

VectorPro Lite working interface screen on laptop

Live torque values are captured and automatically sent to VectorPro Lite to plot the graph of torque vs time/angle. This helps to visually identify any events during the test which cannot be picked up by just having a peak reading on the instrument display.

To help determine whether your sample has met the necessary criteria, there is a suite of standard calculations with indicators of pass or fail to immediately alert the operator.

A statistical analysis of results per batch of samples is produced and then incorporated, together with the graphs, into a customisable PDF or csv test report for your customer.

Connected to the Vortex-dV torque tester, VectorPro Lite enables the creation, storage and upload of basic test routines. Easily construct flexible operational sequences by drag and drop, edit with version control, and upload them to the tester—you're then all set to go for the ultimate in repeatable torque testing.


The Vortex-dV is a versatile and affordable motorised torque tester.

It improves greatly on the variability encountered with manual torque testers where torque is applied by hand at varying speeds. By applying torque at a fixed rotational speed, whilst gripping the sample in a uniform manner, the motorised Vortex-dV significantly enhances the repeatability of test results.

Operators can perform routine batch testing with the added benefit of reducing the risks of repetitive strain injury often associated with manual testers.

Comprising a robust motorised stand rated to 10 N.m with a choice of torque sensors for connection to an Advanced Force & Torque Indicator (AFTI) digital display and a range of gripping fixtures.

This stand-alone motorised torque tester is suited for measuring the maximum torque of components for quality-control purposes both in the laboratory and the production area.

Test frame

The Vortex-dv is a sturdy, twin-column, motorised tester which is designed to apply torque up to a capacity of 10 N.m. It delivers superior performance via its control panel, which is simple to use and allows the precise selection of test parameters such as speed and target torque/angle.

Specimens up to 440mm tall and 280mm wide can easily be tested in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. For specimens requiring a downward force before torque is applied (e.g. child-resistant closures), the Vortex-dV is fitted with a convenient top-load tray.

Weighing under 20kg its compact design and small footprint make it an ideal bench-top tester for use in the quality control lab or production area.

Torque sensors

Four different static torque sensors are available to cover the range from 1.5 N.m up to 10 N.m. This ensures that you have the optimum selection to meet all your torque testing needs. Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.5% of the sensor capacity.

The sensor you choose is connected to a single torque display unit (AFTI), that is linked to the test frame via an interface cable.

Torque display

The Advanced Force Torque Indicator (AFTI) is a display unit, which is positioned on the column of the test frame. It connects to a single 'Smart' torque sensor and automatically recognises its calibration data.

The AFTI continuously measures torque and captures the maximum peak reading in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Torque values obtained by the AFTI can be simultaneously presented on the main control panel of the test frame and transmitted to a PC or printer for the recording of results.

Gripping fixtures

Holding your test specimen in place without it slipping is essential to obtaining repeatable results. Mecmesin has designed a range of torque grips to hold a variety of components. They include chucks and mandrels to hold plastic and metal closures, fixing tables to secure bottles and containers plus many more.

Product datasheets

Product Brochures

Vortex-dV and VectorPro Lite (PDF) Vortex-dV and VectorPro Lite (PDF)

Key specs


Model 1.5 N.m 3 N.m 6 N.m 10 N.m
N.m 0 - 1.5 0 - 3  0 - 6 0 - 10
kgf.cm 0 - 15 0 - 30 0 - 60 0 - 100
lbf.in 0 - 13 0 - 26 0 - 52 0 - 90



±0.5% of full scale



Units of measurement

mN.m, N.cm, N.m, kgf.cm, gf.cm, ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft


Maximum displacement

8,000 revs


±0.2° per 36,000°


0.001 revs



0.1 - 30 rev/min (clockwise or counter-clockwise)


±1% of indicated speed


0.01 rev/min


Maximum headroom

505 mm (19.9") without mounting tables
448 mm (17.6") with mounting tables fitted

Maximum travel of adjustable carriage

182 mm (7.2")

Width between columns

280 mm (11.02")

Opening span of lower mounting table

10 - 190 mm (0.39 - 7.5")

Opening span of upper mounting table

10 - 78 mm (0.39 - 3.07")


19.5 kg (43 lb)

Common specifications

Maximum power requirements

100 W


230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V AC 60 hz

Operating temperature

10 - 35°C (50 - 95°F)

Humidity range

Normal industry and laboratory conditions

Compensation for system movement




Graphical presentation


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