Quick-Change Male Post to Thread Adapter (lightweight)

Fixes directly to the 10-32 UNF screw in anvil plate of test stands or to the 10-32 UNF extension rod connected to loadcells & force gauges. Typically for low-force applications between 2 - 500 N where grips need to be interchanged regularly.

As the Type J adapter is screwed into it's mating part by a single 10-32 UNF thread, the orientation of the hole for the 8 mm cross-pin cannot be guaranteed.


QC Type J, lightweight adapter, 20 mm M to 10-32 UNF F, c/w pin


Adapters for QC range of grips DS-1121-01-L00 Adapters for QC range of grips DS-1121-01-L00

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Load Rating

500 N
( 110 lbf )


Quick Change First thread Second thread
20 mm Aussen / Quick Change Innen / 10-32 UNF


432-418 QC Type J - Adaptor 10-32 UNF34.12 KB 432-418 QC Type J - Adaptor 10-32 UNF
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