Scaffold support netting tester

16 May 2019


  • Motor-driven tensile test stand and software
  • Specific bollard grips for rope and netting


  • Confidence in following international test standard
  • Simple and reliable test procedure on safety-critical products
  • Quick methodology to create customer cerification document


Huck, a scaffold netting supplier, run a return to manufacturer service to test netting has not degraded whilst in use. Evaluation of the tensile properties of the support netting is needed to ensure there is not an unacceptable risk to any one who might have the misfortune to fall into it.

DIN Standard EN ISO 527-1 states that a portion of the net needs to be tested to a load of 3000 N at a speed of 300 mm/min on an annual basis. If under test, no tensile fracture is detected the rest of the net is deemed satisfactory and can be reissued for use in the field.

For each sample, a graphical representation of the test is archived along with the test result to create a traceable test certificate which is returned to the user as proof of a satisfactory result.


The speed requirement and relatively high loading necessitated the need to use the mechanics from a twin column M5KNE test stand. The sample was held between 2 grips with 25mm diameter bollards to ensure the netting was not subjected to any localised stress, which could potentially have given a false result.

Emperor software offered the ideal control method with the need to carry out a non-destructive test and create a graphical representation of the test. The cut and paste feature for the test graph provided a quick and easy method to create test certification for the customer.

Test equipment

  • Imperial 3000 Test Frame (superceded by the MultiTest 5-i)
  • 5000 N ILC
  • Bollard Grips
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