A pair of pneumatically-operated, single-action Small Pneumatic Plane Grips with an opening of 0-8mm.

Each 10mm x 10mm jaw is fitted with a rubber-faced surface. The specimen is held between the fixed jaw and the moving jaw, which clamps the specimen in place via the action of the pneumatic piston applying up to 200 N constant clamping force.

Supplied as a pair in a complete kit with tubing and non-locking footswitches included.

Fitted with QC-20mm hole for connecting to loadcell or base of test stand.

small pneumatic plane grip, rubber jaws, 200 N, QC
small pneumatic plane grip 432-275 - application
Small Pneumatic Plane Grip, rubber-faced jaws, 200 N, QC fitting
Small Pneumatic Plane Grip, QC fitting Small Pneumatic Plane Grip, QC fitting

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20 mm
600 g
432-275 Small Pneu Plane Grips 432-275 Small Pneu Plane Grips
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