Science & Technology companies often act as an interface between business and centres of knowledge such as universities, government-funded laboratories, and in some instances corporate laboratories. There is an ever-increasing demand to help commercialise innovative ideas that arise from the research base yet remaining within challenging budgetary constraints.

Combining expertise in invention with problem-solving is a common challenge so choosing the right materials and processes is essential to cost-effective innovation.

A thorough understanding of materials and their properties as they are implemented in new designs and processes can make all the difference in the race to be successful in a globally competitive environment.

Achieving enhanced performance and proving it is not only possible as a prototype, but also sustainable on a commercial basis, often requires the product to be tested for its mechanical stress-strain, tensile, toughness and fracture characteristics, in areas as diverse as:

  • Bio-medical Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • Sports Engineering

Mecmesin's force, torque and materials testers are relied upon by science and technology companies across the world.

Whether you are fitting out a new laboratory and need a tester or are you are conducting research on new materials, Mecmesin can help. Take a look at some typical applications of our customers and contact us to see how we can provide you with an affordable testing solution.

Some of our customers

Anchorage strength testing of roots for resistance to lodging

“The Mecmesin digital torque screwdriver was simple and straightforward to operate and it was very helpful that the user guide pdf was on the net.”

Sander H van Delden, Teacher/Researcher at the Department of Plant-Soil Interaction
HAS den Bosch/Wageningen University

Case study
Root lodging strength
Over the course of my PhD I have developed a new methodology to physically test the mechanical performance of teeth using the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5-i. At the start of my project I needed a small, low cost, but accurate materials testing machine which could be programmed, and fitted, to run a large number of different test programs. The easy-to-use interface, accuracy and reliability of the MultiTest 2.5-i and the excellent service from Mecmesin has made my project run smoothly and has produced highly publishable results.

Karen Swan, PhD, Research Student, Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences
Hull York Medical School

Case study
Primate bite compression strength tests

Tension and compression testing for education in solid mechanics

The Bioengineering Department at Imperial required a new system for teaching purposes to demonstrate tensile and compressive testing on a range of different materials and custom fixtures. A system was needed that was flexible and easy to use but with a compact form that would fit our available space. The MultiTest 5-xt was an ideal solution and the hardware support from Mecmesin has been excellent.

Dr Dominic Southgate, Senior Teaching Fellow
Imperial College London

Case study
MultiTest in the stress lab Imperial college London
We tried to find a solution provider for our application, however no-one was able to provide a clear test method and appropriate test fixtures. We chose Mecmesin as their product is very versatile and gave us the clear, reliable results. This unique system fits perfectly to our application.

Hyeong-kyun, Lee , Q.A. Team, Touch Screen Division,

Case study
Touchscreen actuation force testing solutions systems and accessories

Spider Silk Tensile Strength and Toughness

The Mecmesin machine is a great piece of kit – it has allowed us to move forward with our research in a very productive way, and we are grateful for the excellent technical support that has come with it.

Dr Sara Goodacre, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
The University of Nottingham

Case study
Spider and silk thread tensile
Having developed a medical device from a blank sheet of paper to a prototype level, we entered into a significant programme of test and development. Previous smaller test programs had used bespoke machinery developed in-house, which although suitable for the task, lacked versatility for the broad range of tests to be carried out, particularly from a programming standpoint. The test programme involved some 40 evaluations, to be conducted in a very condensed timeframe.

Stephen Gilmore, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Crux Product Design

Case study
Bend fixture attached for medical device test with assorted accessories

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