Force and torque testing within the architectural industry primarily involve the testing of access control systems and architectural hardware, to ensure their manufacturing quality and to verify that their operational forces are within the limits stipulated by various guidelines and test standards, eg Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Mecmesin have developed testing solutions for:

  • operating torque of handles, winders and louver blinds
  • opening and closing force of doors (eg. fire-door push-bars)
  • tensile strength of cables, shutters and roller doors
  • compressive and tear strength of insulation block materials
  • bending resistance and flexibility of beams or panels
  • pull-out force of fasteners and fixings
  • compliance testing of health and safety appliances

Mecmesin systems and gauges are designed for measuring force and torque to meet the requirements of testing to international and industry standards for quality and safety. Combined with our Emperor™ force and torque control and analysis software, there is complete flexibility for accurate and repeatable testing.



Featured or equivalent test standards for Mecmesin solutions in this section
Not being an expert in force measurement, I have found Mecmesin to be an extremely capable partner in this field. They ensure that test solutions are found, they offer training in the use of the equipment and they are a competitive supplier of the service and calibration of all our measuring equipment.

Michaël Valdenaire, Quality Engineer
Soprofen Industrie

Case study
Tensile strength and cyclic sliding force tests
SIPS Frames UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent Structural Insulated Panel System manufacturers, for use in the construction of kit houses by self builders.

Martin Cook, Managing Director
Sips Eco Panels

Case study
MultiTest tensile tester vice grips and pyramid-faced jaws

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