This EN ISO 14477 Puncture Test Fixture is for testing resistance strength in flexible packaging materials.

The specimen is clamped in the lower specimen holder, which is connected to the base plate of the test stand via a QC-20 female hole.

An upper 'puncture probe holder' is fitted with a QC-20 bore hole for connection to the load cell. A 0.8mm diameter 'puncture probe' is supplied as standard for connecting to the 'probe holder' via a M2 thread. The probe then punctures the specimen to determine its resistance characteristics.

EN 14477 puncture test kit
EN 14477 puncture resistance test kit
EN 14477 upper puncture test probe
Puncture Resistance Test Jig, QC fitting DS-1125-01-L00 Puncture Resistance Test Jig, QC fitting DS-1125-01-L00

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Load Rating
500 N
( 110 lbf )


Quick Change
20 mm
1 kg
MecS511 drawing QC-20 MecS511 drawing QC-20
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