Vented compression plates are ideal for top-load/crush testing of containers such as PET bottles.

Holes in the plate allow the passage of air to ensure that air inside the bottle is not compressed thereby falsifying the true measurement of the top-load strength. A nose-cone allows the plate to be centred in the bottle and provides stability if the bottle collapses laterally.

50mm diameter, flat and with 5-16 UNC threaded hole.
compression plate, vented cone, 50 mm, 5/16 UNC
close-up of PET bottle top-load crush test
Vented Compression Plate, 50 mm, 10-32 UNF
Vented Compression Plates Vented Compression Plates

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First thread
F / 5-16 UNC
50 g
432-(346,347,348) Vntd Comp Plt 432-(346,347,348) Vntd Comp Plt
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