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The Small Circular Bollard Grips is made from aluminium and is designed for tensile testing up to 100 N of delicate, flexible specimens such as fine threads, wires and yarns, which may break easily when clamped.

The specimen is wrapped around the bollard and the free end is clamped tightly in place using a pair of friction washers and a thumbscrew. The bollard has a single 5 mm wide smooth groove to align the specimen centrally and has a diameter of 25 mm around which it can be wound. This minimises the chance of slippage within the grip, or of premature failure of the sample occurring due to stress concentrating at one point.

Fitted with a QC-20mm female hole for connection to the base of a test stand or loadcell.
Small Circular Bollard Grip, 100 N, QC fitting
432-270 Small circular bollard grip wire application
Small Circular Bollard Grip, QC fitting Small Circular Bollard Grip, QC fitting

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Load Rating
100 N
( 22 lbf )


Quick Change
20 mm
210 g
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