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Electrical Harness Terminal Testing


Cyprium Motorsports based in Diss, UK, design and produce customised wiring harness systems for sports cars, including Formula 1, Le Mans Prototype, Grand Touring and rally cars. Cyprium required a force testing system to carry out fast and accurate checks of electrical harness terminals, ensuring terminals and wires are securely crimped together.



Mecmesin supplied Cyprium with a MultiTest 1-x console-controlled force testing system. The Multi-test 1-x is used to perform a pull test at a controlled speed on electrical harness terminals, to determine that the load at which they fail is above a recognised value. Using the MultiTest 1-x, Cyprium are able to check their terminal crimps to a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Tests are performed to a guide supplied by Mecmesin conforming to industry standard BS 5G 178, Part 2. To facilitate quick testing and ease-of-use, the MultiTest 1-x has been set up with stored programmes to test specific wire sizes and give an immediate pass/fail message to the operator. These automated test procedures and calculations reduce test times, leading to considerable cost savings both in man hours and rework.

Testing wire crimps


  • MultiTest 1-x (The MultiTest 1-x has been superceded by the MultiTest 1-xt)
  • Rotational Crimp Receptacle
  • 1000 N loadcell
  • Cable Cam Grip


"We have been very satisfied with our purchase of the Mecmesin MultiTest 1-x, it has become an essential part of our quality control system and allows us to calibrate our tooling and ensure our product is as reliable as possible in the severe environment of motosport."

Nigel Barber, Senior Engineer. Cyprium Ltd.