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Car Window Sliding Force Tester


Bridgestone TG Adelaide, a major supplier of rubber components to the automotive industry in Australia, needed to measure the frictional load associated with sliding a glass window between two rubber guides.


This involved a tensile test using an Imperial test stand controlled by Mecmesin's new generation Emperor software. The test specimen was a sheet of glass within a rubber-lined fixture. Incorporated within the specimen was a 500 N Advanced Force Gauge applying a 30N pre-load, via a spring, to the rubber guides - this load being perpendicular to the direction of movement of the glass.

The frictional running force was characterised on a load/displacement graph. The peak load to start the glass moving together with the average load to maintain its movement were automatically calculated by the Emperor software.

On completion of the test, the powerful analysis and reporting features of Emperor enabled a quick and accurate graphical representation of each test to be generated and archived.


  • Imperial 2500 computer-controlled test stand (Superceded by MultiTest 2.5-i test stand)
  • ILC-S 2500 N loadcell
  • AFG 500 N
  • Customer-designed sliding fixture
  • PC with Emperor software installed


"The Mecmesin instruments are always so easy to use and Mecmesin really understands what is going on in a laboratory like ours."