Wave Jaws (25mm x 50mm) - nickel-plated having a hardened steel surface of 5mm tall waves.

Opening span = 0 - 16mm.

For flexible but slippy materials which need more surface contact to secure a good grip (e.g. textiles, fabrics and tissues).

Supplied as 0.5 set = 2 jaws (left & right). Order any combination of 2 half sets of jaws to fit into a pair of any Mec94 Lightweight Pneumatic Plane Grips (upper & lower).


Mec 94 50 mm wave-form jaws
lightweight aluminium pneumatic grip, pair, without jaws, QC fitting

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128 g


432-492 (-V01,-V02) L-W PNEU PLANE GRIP 50mm 432-492 (-V01,-V02) L-W PNEU PLANE GRIP 50mm
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