Mecmesin 向全球的国防承包商及其分包商提供力学,扭矩和材料测试设备。这些公司在性能,质量和可靠性方面面临严格的法规标准。


  • 子弹拉拔测试系统,用于测量从弹壳中取出子弹所需的力
  • 防弹衣材料强度测试
  • 弹簧压缩和拉伸测试
  • 紧固件(例如螺栓,螺母和螺钉)抗剪强度和拉伸强度测试
  • 旋转开关和控件扭矩测试
  • 焊接和压接接头的端子拉拔测试
  • 连接器插入/拔出测试
  • 复合材料剥离测试
  • 拉伸和材料强度测试:
    • 胶粘剂
    • 电缆,软管和油管
    • 垫片和O形圈
  • 军事和文职人员
    • 人体工程学和工作任务评估
    • 功能能力和体力劳动测试
    • 等距肌力评估
    • 康复评估

达到法规要求,测试一系列国际标准,例如 ASTM,BS,DIN 或内部规范。


Some of our customers

Purchase of the MultiTest 50-xt has allowed us to extend the range of products we can test in-house and obtain more information about the failure mode of the samples.

Erica Moore, Test and EHS Manager

Case study
Touch screen recall of test procedures and clear display of graphical results with the 50 kN xt system
We’ve found Mecmesin’s Manual Handling Kit to be a very versatile instrument and use it to assess the forces encountered by officers … whilst restraining suspects and handling heavy duty equipment. These measurements are used to help set the standards for physical strength that all serving officers must be capable of.


Case study
MHE Kit 2500 N suitable for police force JRFT assessment test evaluation
Historically, SFS intec UK has had to rely on our colleagues in Switzerland for all our product testing and reporting needs. Whilst this produced efficient results, it became apparent that we required a more time friendly and responsive solution for our local customers, so we decided to bring it in-house. Now, with the use of Mecmesin machinery which has been integrated into our facility at Leeds, we are able to offer an additional tailored ‘testing’ service for our UK customers, often much more quickly, whilst producing detailed results and accurate data.

Craig Johnson, Technical Advisor SFS intec
SFS Intec

Case study
Industrial fastener pull-out test fixturing
“The MultiTest 2.5-i is very reliable and we have had no problems since we purchased it. Because it’s failure-free, accurate and has intuitive operation (very user-friendly software) it’s superior to the older control system from another supplier. It’s also worth to mention the after-sales support from ITA, Mecmesin’s Polish Distributor, is quick and efficient.”

Miroslaw Bratus, Production Purchase Coordinator
BMZ Poland Sp.z.o.o.

Case study
battery terminal pull-off, close-up