Mecmesin 为医疗和牙科医院及其相关教学机构提供力学,材料和扭矩测试设备。


  • 常规输液应用的注射泵校准
  • 牙齿和牙桥的机械性能
  • 接骨螺钉,假体关节和植入物的抗张和抗扭强度
  • 医疗设备的拉伸,压缩和扭转强度:
    • 注射器
    • 导管
    • 医用管
    • 鲁尔接头和连接器
  • 等距的肌肉力量,用于物理治疗,评估患者受伤后的恢复情况


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Syringe pump calibrator

Pressure sensor calibration is key to the accurate ‘occlusion’ monitoring performance of Cardinal Health medical infusion devices. A precise, repeatable and reliable ‘occlusion’ force calibration tool is essential for our customers, service personnel and production use. Mecmesin have provided expert design advice, equipment samples and test strategies to ensure Cardinal Health have been able to achieve these aims.

Justin Gyer, Instruments Engineering Manager
Cardinal Health

Case study
Syringe pump calibrator and syringe pump in use

Shoulder prostheses tensile testing

I am very pleased with both the service from Mecmesin and the MultiTest 10-x test system and would recommend it for testing many of the aspects of soft tissue repair in orthopaedics. The MultiTest 10-x is easy-to-use and ideal for this application, of testing the fixation of bones and tendons around a prosthesis inserted for fracture of the shoulder.

Mr Keith Borowsky, Orthopaedic Surgeon
University of Brighton Medical School

Case study
Shoulder joint prosthesis testing fixtures close-up montage
The Vortex-i system has enabled us to eliminate the variability of results experienced with our previous manually-operated testing systems, allowing accurate and consistent testing of the conformance of our drug delivery systems to our stringent in-house standards.

Stephen Byrne,
Becton Dickinson

Case study
Vortex-i torque tester for drug delivery device testing