Car door closure effort

16 May 2019


  • Loadcell and digital indicator with memory
  • Clamps and accessories to fit multiple vehicles


  • Portable solution for use in the vehicle
  • Clear peak load result indication
  • On-board storage of results data


When shutting car doors, users need to apply a certain force to initiate the movement and ensure a complete closure. To find out the minimal door closing energy value, the car manufacturer requires a portable system capable of following the specification given below:

  • Pre-load 22 N on closed doors
  • Open the door with various forces - starting from high to low - in order to reach the closed position with the minimum force

As the released force would need to be changed in small increments, the force measuring instrument must be capable of storing a maximum amount of values.


As the test was to take place inside a car, Mecmesin developed a system using an advanced indicator (AFTI type) which could be connected to a sensor, such as the S-Beam 500 N.

With a combination of 2 universal hooks and a spring gauge attached via a nylon shock cord, the system is fixed onto the front or rear-arm rests. The S-Beam 500 N is fastened between one hook and straining screws. which enables the operator to apply a 22 N load at the first stage of the test procedure.

The AFTI memorizes up to 500 values and offers the operator the possibility to download the statistical data to a PC or a printer after a full test.

Test equipment

  • 1 x AFTI Indicator
  • 1 x S-Beam 500 N Loadcell
  • 1 x PV4047 - Door pull arm rest & spring gauge fixture