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Child safety - force to access lighter

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled test stand and software
  • Clamping fixtures and accessories designed for the product tested


  • Approved product safety testing to customer specification
  • Simple and reliable test procedure
  • Verstility to create other programs for R&D


The customer manufactures lighters and is currently developing a case/guard designed to increase the safety for children.

The test consists of checking the maximum push force necessary to open the guard and access the lighter. The expected force is 10 N at the point of the lock. As part of an R&D project, the customer required a system which would offer versatility in the test and calculation program. The data and graphic representation would also need to be captured at a high resolution, i.e. 2000 Hz.


As per specification, Mecmesin supplied the Imperial computer-controlled test system with an intelligent loadcell. A special accessory, developed by the client, holds the patented child-guard horizontally. The holding accessory, fixed to the anvil plate of the test stand, keeps the lock of the sample in the loadcell axis. A pin, attached to the loadcell via an extension rod, is applying a compression force on the lock of the lighter. The lock of the patented child guard is released at a compression force of 10 N at 2.5 mm/min.

Test equipment

  • Imperial 1000 Computer-Controlled Stand
  • ILC 500 N
  • Extension Rod
  • Special Holding Fixture (developed by customer)
  • Pin (supplied by customer)
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