MEC22 - A fully-configurable 50 kN Bend Jig in aluminium.

The main support beam has a bending span up to 330 mm and can bear a wide selection of interchangeable single-roller or dual-roller anvils to suit your specimen material.

A single upper anvil for 3-point bend tests or dual upper anvils for 4-point bend tests are also available in various radii and forms to suit.

Support beam and upper anvil attach via QC 20 or 32 mm connection.

Ideal for testing flexural properties of rigid and semi-rigid materials up to 50 kN.
Mec22 50 kN Bend Jig, QC fitting
carbon fibre tube (composite) under bend test, face-on
Mec22 50 kN Bend Jig, QC fitting DS-1022-02-L00 Mec22 50 kN Bend Jig, QC fitting DS-1022-02-L00

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Load Rating
50 kN
( 11,000 lbf )


Quick Change
32 mm
6 kg
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