A standard self-centering 3-jaw chuck with key.

It has a maximum ⅜" (9.5 mm) opening and is connected to the Helixa torque sensor via an adaptor with female ⅜" square hole.

Used to secure a variety of test specimens for torque applications of 1.5 - 10 N.m.

Recommended for use only with 3 and 6 N.m sensors due to the risk of overloading lower-capacity sensors when tightening the chuck.
432-615 Helixa top 3/8 in chuck, web version
PDV16146-432-614-615-616-617 lower key chuck application
PDV12112A and PDV15170 screw fixing torque, pneumatic Vortex
3-jaw and 4-jaw Torque Chucks, QC fitting DS-1130-02-L00 3-jaw and 4-jaw Torque Chucks, QC fitting DS-1130-02-L00

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