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Lower Torque Fixing Table.

Offers highly versatile holding of containers and specimens when torque testing. Fully adjustable between 10 - 190 mm opening (diameter) to accommodate a variety of forms.

Four rubber-coated, threaded pegs are supplied as standard which screw into appropriate threads on the Fixing Table to suit specimen dimensions. Tighten the knob to secure specimens.

Commonly used on the Vortex range of Torque Testing Systems.
lower torque fixing plate, 4-peg
432-320 Lower fixing table application
lower fixing table
Torque Fixing Tables DS-1132-03-L00 Torque Fixing Tables DS-1132-03-L00

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950 g
432-320 Vortex fixing plate with main dimensions 432-320 Vortex fixing plate with main dimensions
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