Solenoid testing


  • Software-controlled tensile tester
  • Horizontal mounting fixtures


  • Automated test for reproducibility with different operators
  • Optimum respeatbility with motor-drive and software
  • 100% sample QC testing at point of production
We have used Mecmesin products for a number of years, and they have proved very reliable. As such, Mecmesin was the natural choice when it came to buying new force testing equipment.

Andrew Reece, Design and Development Engineer
Parmeko PLC


Parmeko is a Leicester-based designer and manufacturer of proportional solenoids, on-off solenoids and holding magnets used in mobile and industrial fluid power applications, as well as a range of specialised solenoids manufactured for industries as diverse as mining and subsea.

The company required a testing solution for one particular solenoid product of which it produces 1000 units per week. The management at Parmeko uphold rigorous quality control principles, and as such wanted to test the force exertion and stroke of every single unit leaving the factory, ensuring each performs to the design specifications.


Mecmesin provided the company with a horizontally mounted MultiTest 2.5-i computer-controlled test system, fitted with a 100 N Loadcell, and a Personal Computer. Alignment through the central axis of the solenoid and the Loadcell is of critical importance in the successful execution of this test, and so Mecmesin created a custom-engineered rig to correctly position the solenoid.

Parmeko had in the past performed such tests on a manually operated system, and found that the fully automated test cycle of the MultiTest 2.5-i made the process far easier for their workers to operate, and eliminated variability of results arising from manually driving the loadcell forward.

A customised EmperorTM test program was preloaded onto the supplied Personal Computer, which the company was easily able to tailor more precisely to their needs as their requirements evolved. Test data is exported to Microsoft Excel® for display and analysis, and test charts are stored in EmperorTM.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 2.5-i (mounted horizontally) with a 100 N Loadcell

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