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For use with Mecmesin digital force and torque gauges. 230 Volt with 3 square pins. Commonly used in the UK.

The mains adaptor/charger is a constant-current type:
Primary circuit: 230V – 50Hz
Secondary circuit: 100mA constant current at 9V Charger output plug: Centre = positive Outer = negative
230 Volt, 3 square pins charger/adaptor for digital force & torque gauges
Adaptor / Charger for use with gauges DS-1117-03-L00 Adaptor / Charger for use with gauges DS-1117-03-L00

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 2012-3005_v01_0da_304-005-uk charger adaptor 2012-3005_v01_0da_304-005-uk charger adaptor
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