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Mecmesin Solutions for Testing Fabrics and Textiles Products

Mecmesin testers are ideally suited to fabric and textile testing, to ensure quality performance, durability and safety conformance:

  • tensile strength of yarns and fabrics
  • tear strength of woven and non-woven fabrics
  • strength of seams or welds
  • yarn slippage in sewn seams
  • tensile strength and fastening compression of fasteners and attachments
  • burst strength of fabrics
  • stiffness of fabrics
  • puncture resistance
  • stretch and elongation

Tests are applied to yarns, woven and non-woven fabrics, high-performance fabrics for hazardous environments, protective garments, and to specialist geotextiles. Each of these may be joined or secured by seams, adhesive or sewn, and have attachments for securing or fastening. Additional quality specifications and safety standards will apply to ensure adornments cannot come loose or themselves become a hazard.

Mecmesin testers can apply the test methods required by international and industry standards, driven by our powerful Emperor™ control and analysis software.


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See examples of our capabilities

Click these examples of products our clients are testing using Mecmesin systems


Cord, rope and netting

Affordable testers and expert service, for cord, rope and netting

tensile strength test        
tensile strength        

Are you paying for testing and certification, or confirming ratings of supplied lines? Perhaps you could save time and money by testing in-house.

Supplied frequently with strength rating, cord, rope and netting may also require repeat testing for safety assurance. Construction safety netting, for example, is required to be sampled periodically in order to be certified for use. Whilst there are companies that perform sample testing, this can result in equipment lying idle for an economic batch to accumulate. Mecmesin tensile testers can be used in-house, programmed for standard repeat testing, storing results and keeping expensive equipment in use.



Fabrics fasteners and trimmings

Affordable testers and expert service, for fabrics fasteners and trimmings

Typical tests:

Flexure bend tensile strength
pull-off / pull-out tensile strength

Have you ever pulled a stud out of your jeans? Don’t let it be the story of your customer.

Fabrics fasteners such as poppers, clips, zips and buttons are designed to be pulled, but over the lifetime of a garment should not pull off. Similarly, trimmings and adornments should not detach if accidentally caught, or during washing. In the case of children’s garments, there may be a safety issue in the choking hazard of a detached item. For protective clothing, the consequences of holding failure as much as detachment, could be more serious. The only way to test the security and performance of riveted, clipped and stitched items is to have a reliable, accurate and repeatable pull measurement system. Mecmesin tensile testers are widely used for this kind of test, with a variety of grips and fixtures designed for the awkward handling of fabrics fasteners.



Fabrics, textiles and yarns

Affordable testers and expert service, for fabrics, textiles and yarns

puncture resistance test tear test tensile strength test    
puncture resistance tear tensile strength    

Yes, we have even tested hot air balloon fabric! But you can test your own regular fabrics and yarns in-house to industry standards. Tensile and compression tests are applied to fabrics of any kind, to test resilience in use. Some tests, such as the Mullen burst, require dedicated machines, but universal testers, like the versatile Mecmesin MultiTest range, can be used for testing the tensile strength of yarns, tear resistance of woven fabrics, elongation of geomembranes, or resistance to puncture of materials in protective apparel.

The same machines can be used for fasteners, trimmings, stitching and seams, or the adhesive strength of Velcro strips.



Furniture and soft furnishings

Affordable testers and expert service, for furniture and soft furnishings

compression test flexure bend test tensile strength test    
compression flexure tensile strength    

Do your furnishings products bounce back as they should? Do you test your suppliers’ materials for consistency? Do you have a testing system so that you can test your products in-house and save money on expensive outsourcing? Among all the tests that furniture requires, some require testing for repeated use and performance. Components designed for bending or cushioning should return consistently and predictably to form. Furniture coverings and fastenings can be tested, as can adhesive bonds of joints. Struts, strapping and foams can be tested for flexure, for compression and recovery. Mecmesin MultiTest systems and fixtures are an affordable and versatile solution for these aspects of furniture and soft furnishings.



Seals and seams

Affordable testers and expert service, for seals and seams

compressive burst test lap shear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength
compressive burst lap shear peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength

Seals and seams, whether elastic, adhesive or welded, are designed to hold under various forces that may drive or pull them apart. Failure may be due to internal pressure, peeling or tensile shear. Some seals are designed to fail at a given force, either for opening or to release pressure for safety. In all cases, the point of failure is important, and for all test types there is a suitable Mecmesin MultiTest, computer-controlled for repeatable testing at the touch of a button. Routine testing of seal strength is a vital part of quality assurance, and is best done at the point of production.



Sports equipment

Affordable testers and expert service, for sports equipment

compression test flexure bend test friction test penetration resistance test tear test
compression flexure friction penetration resistance tear
tensile strength test        
tensile strength        

Sports brands are valuable; you want to be the preferred one, so performance and durability are key factors, assured only by constant and routine product testing.

A lot is expected of sports equipment, and much of it is taken to extremes of endurance. And yet we expect consistent high performance from brand new to repeated use. Quality determines the lifespan, and lifespan adds to brand preference. Mecmesin test systems are in use worldwide, measuring the flexure of surfboards, the bounce of tennis balls, the strength of fishing lines, compression and recovery of cricket balls, to secure attachment of sports shoe cleats and resilience of sport-specific clothing.



Toys and games

Affordable testers and expert service, for toys and games

compression test flexure bend test peel test pull-off pull-out test  
compression flexure peel pull-off / pull-out  
torque to turn puncture tear tensile strength  
torque to turn puncture resistance tear tensile strength  

Importers, manufacturers and retailers have a particular responsibility for children’s toys and games. Do you have the means to test your goods for compliance? Toy safety is strictly controlled to avoid the separation of parts that may present a choking hazard or cause an injury. In addition, toys will only be popular if they are durable and continue to perform after robust and sometimes unpredictable play.

Whether a feature is tested for detachment, a button is pressed to ensure its repeated function, or a part is flexed for strength, an ideal reliable and affordable solution for compression and tensile testing, is a Mecmesin MultiTest, with a range of suitable grips and fixtures.