• 服装纽扣,紧固件和附件的抗拉强度
  • 纱线的拉伸强度
  • 机织和无纺布的撕裂强度
  • 接缝或焊缝强度
  • 缝线中的纱线打滑
  • 织物的破裂强度
  • 织物的刚度
  • 耐穿刺性
  • 拉伸和伸长






Some of our customers


Featured or equivalent test standards for Mecmesin solutions in this section

“Only measuring up to a few Newtons of force with an AFG 2500 N was not enabling us to proceed with our investigation and Mecmesin kindly lent us a more sensitive AFG 10N which instantaneously improved the quality of data we were collecting.”

Alex Radford, Undergraduate Student (Department of Physics)
Durham University

Case study
AFG paired with a force tester
This test system is perfectly suited to our needs, giving us the flexibility we require to perform multiple tests with the certainty of obtaining reliable, accurate results. Undertaking these quality measurements in-house means we are also saving significant costs, as we no longer require the services of external test laboratories.

Jordi Vives-Talló, Engineer
Ultra Magic

Case study
Hot-air balloon fabric tear test and tensile tester
We use the MultiTest-x regularly, approximately 40 hours every week. It continues to be reliable and saves us money by enabling us to tests in-house. Mecmesin were able to offer advice regarding fixtures and designed an ideal solution for our testing needs, which remained competitively priced.

Tony Freeman, Director
William Lamb Footwear

Case study
MultiTest and tensile testing fixtures suitable for footwear safety checks