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‘Combi’ Cork Extraction Tester

Measure the quality of your Champagne/Sparkling & Still wine corks with just one system!

Designed in partnership with Oeneo Bouchage, one of the worlds leading cork manufacturers, the ‘Combi’ Cork Extraction Tester performs two different tests:

  • a torque based cork extraction test (Champagnes/Sparkling wine corks & spirit bottle stoppers)
  • a straightforward cork pull-out test (Still wine corks)

This versatile system enables you to test:

  • to the industry Champagne and sparkling wine standard
  • pull-out force to ISO standard 9727
  • natural, synthetic corks and spirit bottle stoppers
  • corks from different sized bottles


VectorPro™ Lite data acquisition software

VectorPro logoThe ‘Combi’ Cork Extraction Tester can be used in conjunction with VectorPro™ Lite software for data acquisition, reporting and exporting, graph plotting, results calculation, and storage of regular test routines.


Technical Specifications

  • Release torque and extraction force tester
  • Maximum load of 1000 N (220 lbf)
  • Maximum torque output 5 N.m
  • Speed range of 1 - 1000 mm/min (0.04 - 40"/min)
  • Rotational speed fixed ratio 15:1
  • Cork diameter size from 28 mm to 35 mm *
  • Sample bottle height from 250 ml to 750 ml
  • Standard Champagne cork release torque speed (900 mm/min at 60 rpm) preprogrammed into system

* Larger diameters can also be accommodated (please ask for further information)

Please note: Loadcell housing must be changed to adapt system from release torque tester to extraction force tester.

  • User-friendly intuitive keypad interface
    User-friendly intuitive keypad interface

    The keypad is designed to make testing as simple and quick as possible.
    A large LCD screen clearly displays test set-up information.

  • Digital gauge display with added benefits
    Digital gauge display with added benefits

    Results are shown clearly on the display with additional functions including; audible and visual alarms, memory up to 500 readings and option to export results for further evaluation.

  • Purpose-built fixturing
    Purpose-built fixturing

    Cam-operated fixture jaws, used for cork extraction tests, are designed to hold the cork securely in place, without pinching it. The bottle cradle uses a non-slip surface, ensuring bottles stay in the correct position.

  •  Safeguards

    This system is designed to ensure protection from spillage, including a drip tray located beneath the test area, and is CE marked to European standards.