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Biopsy Injector Spring Strength


Bard Limited (a UK division of C R Bard Inc.) services Bard® Magnum® biopsy needle injector guns for clients around the world. A prime component in the reusable handheld device is a powerful spring with a dual-action trigger for taking the biopsy sample. Primed by single-finger pressure, the resistance as the cocking slide locks the compressed spring in place must be within design specification. It cannot be too strong for the user’s finger, nor too weak to perform a full, effective insertion and withdrawal. Bard have defined tolerances for the force required to cock the gun, and needed a device to measure each unit for continued compliance.


Mecmesin supplied two MultiTest 1-i test stands, each with a custom-designed grip system for the sample. The gun under test is quickly clamped into a secure position, while an upper stirrup engages the cocking slide. Emperor™ software has been programmed to run batches of tests, displaying real-time characteristic graphs and instant green/red pass/fail indicators. Each unit is referenced, and all results are stored for analysis and reporting. The new equipment enables a rapid throughput, consistent testing and accurate reporting, saving Bard significant time and money.


  • MultiTest 1-i Test Stand
  • 500 N S-Beam Intelligent Loadcell
  • Custom Test Sample Grips


“The performance to standard of our biopsy devices is critical, and our MultiTest systems enable a rapid and accurate assessment of every one. The repeatability of the test cycle, and above all the traceability of each unit under test, give us the guarantees we need.”
Cliff Price, Director Technical Services, Bard Ltd