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ABC-t Automated Bottle Closure Tester

The Mecmesin ABC-t automated bottle closure tester measures both initial slip and bridge torques on a range of Roll on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) closures, with all test results stored and exportable to peripheral devices, spreadsheets and SPC packages.

Automated Bottle Closure Tester

Mecmesin is a long-established provider of digital closure torque testing instruments and systems. In response to requests from our users, and using our acknowledged design experience, we have created the ABC-t automated closure tester. This offers the immediate benefits of greatly increased test throughput, and elimination of repetitive strain injury by operators twisting many closures.


  • Pre-programmed tests easily selectable
  • Closures reapplied to prevent spillage
  • Complete process enables repeatable and consistent results
  • Increased productivity
  • Simplicity of use
  • Early identification of capping head adjustment requirements
  • Eliminate repetitive strain injury


All sample positioning and testing movements are programmed and pneumatically controlled. Test control and results analysis are performed by Mecmesin’s proven Emperor™ software.

Customised design

The ABC-t presents a versatile design, tailored to meet the user’s specific needs. These include bottle and closure dimensions, carousel batch size, grip force, applied torque, test profile (e.g. slip, bridge and removal torque), and reclosing requirements.

The system shown here was designed to test 2 diameters of bottle: 50 and 55 mm diameter, either being accommodated in stepped location pockets on the rotary carousel. Delivering 18 bottles for testing without operator input, samples are taken at regular intervals directly from the bottling line. Test results are fed directly into the factory-wide SPC system for process capability and traceability.


graph of bridge torque test

Instant identification of cap bridges breaking shows performance of the capping machine

Specify your requirements for a quotation

  • Bottle dimensions (height, width, material)
  • Closure material and dimensions
  • Anticipated torque (max. 6 N.m)
  • Torque test type (slip, bridge, removal)
  • Typical batch size
  • Presentation format of test results

Mecmesin has an established reputation in closure force and torque testing at every level from design to the production line.

Contact Mecmesin today to discuss your requirements, and for examples of similar solutions we have provided.