Dans le monde entier, de nombreux fabricants de matériaux plastique et caoutchouc, de composants et de produits finis utilisent les équipements de test Mecmesin pour en assurer la qualité, la résistance, la performance et la convivialité.

Nos solutions de test pour l'industrie du plastique et du caoutchouc comprennent:

  • test de flexion en 3 points pour identifier les propriétés de flexion des plastiques
  • test d'adhérence / de pelage des étiquettes en plastique, des cartes d'identité et des cartes de crédit
  • essai du coefficient de friction du film plastique et des feuilles
  • essais de compression de mousse plastique
  • mesurer les caractéristiques d'allongement / retour des plastiques, du caoutchouc et des élastomères
  • mesurer le couple de glissement initial et le couple de pontage sur des fermetures en plastique inviolables
  • essai d'arrachement et d'insertion / retrait des attaches en plastique
  • libération et couple d'application des bouchons en plastique
  • Essais de traction et de résistance des matériaux de:
    • tapis roulants
    • joints et joints toriques
    • revêtements de sol en caoutchouc et en plastique
    • semelle de chaussure
    • pneus
  • essais de charge maximale sur des récipients en plastique, par exemple des bouteilles PET

Respectez la réglementation, testez selon les normes internationales, telles que ASTM, BS, DIN ou autres spécifications internes.

Nous avons plus de 40 ans d'expérience dans la résolution de problèmes de contrôle de la qualité pour l'industrie du plastique et du caoutchouc.

Nos équipements de test de force, de matériaux et de couple vous offrent des solutions pratiques et polyvalentes adaptées à vos exigences de contrôle qualité à un prix attractif.


Featured or equivalent test standards for Mecmesin solutions in this section
Mecmesin were extremely helpful when we were looking to purchase new test equipment, this included demonstrations. Our equipment is calibrated annually by Mecmesin and I find their after-sales service to be exceptional.

Darren Pell,
Par-pak Europe Ltd

Case study
Serrated 2-way plane grips firmly grasp tray and lid elements
"Mecmesin, through their Portuguese supplier Egitron, presented us with a good solution: reliable equipment and user-friendliness that was adequate for our needs. All our operators are capable of using this equipment because it is very simple to operate. I enjoy dealing with Egitron because they offer excellent technical support."

Miguel Carvalho, Quality Assurance Manager
Água de Luso

Case study
Application torque is checked by removal torque measurement with short dwell times
“We were seeking a solution to improve repeatability, precision and documentation of our tests and also to automate our tests of the break force of plastic ear tags. We found an excellent solution with the MultiTest 2.5-xt equipment, providing not only precise measurements but also being easy to programme and having good software to produce test reports. We received excellent service from the supplier.”

Ole Klejs Hansen, Senior Advisor
RYK / Danish Cattle Federation

Case study
Animal ID tag tensile test and cattle wearing the tags
Mecmesin has customer service which provide unwavering support for our questions and ALWAYS come through with the results and answers we have needed. This solution continues to open doors for us and grow with our needs. It was everything we didn’t know we needed and everything we could ask for. It is simple to use and can be mastered using very user-friendly software and conversions into the programs we use every day. I look forward to taking our next steps with Mecmesin!

Terri Lebow, Quality Manager
Vintech Industries Inc.

Case study
Weather seal deflection test graphical results and test jig schematic
Silgan Plastics has utilised the Mecmesin tester in several of our plants over the last two years to monitor top-load. It brings a wealth of features at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the forefront of container performance and capability and the 5-x top-load tester is a valued piece of our strategy.

Randy Blankenship, Quality Engineer
Silgan Plastics

Case study
Top-load plastic bottle testing systems in factory conditions and QC lab
The Mecmesin instruments are always so easy-to-use and Mecmesin really understands what is going on in a laboratory like ours.

Tony Faure, Laboratory Manager
Bridgestone TG

Case study
Window sliding force system solution with instrumentation and software
The MultiTest 0.5-i is a very good and reliable machine and the Emperor™ Software brings great advantages. It’s a very useful tool for these kinds of tests. It’s fully programmable and offers an in-depth analysis of results. It’s a precious tool for everybody involved, especially those who work with plastics and their mechanical performance.

Nikos Michopoulos, Quality Control
Eurofilm Mantzaris S.A.

Case study
Polythene packaging material specimen under test and specific film grips
We use the Mecmesin MultiTest 10-i system to perform regular quality control tests to guarantee the quality of our supplied materials. Mecmesin provided us with a cost-effective solution to our needs and exceptional customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies with materials testing requirements.

Michael Hubbard, Business Quality Manager
British Gaskets Group

Case study
Rubber and plastic materials tension and elongation tests with various grips
We are satisfied with the programs for the measurement of our products and the possibility of exportation and storage of our data into Excel documents.

Danila Bavcon, Production Manager
Ekstel d. o. o.

Case study
Water-blocking tape specimens under test in the R&D lab

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