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Wire rope termination crimp safety

Case study
Wire rope crimp test in the lab
Wire rope crimp test in the lab
Wire rope crimp test close-up on gauge
Wire rope crimp test close-up on gauge


  • MultiTest motorised tensile tester
  • AFG2500 N Advanced Force Gauge
  • VectorPro LiteTM data acquisiton and graphing software
  • Specific crimp receptacle fixture/li>


  • Improved efficiency, accuracy and consistency
  • Simple and straighforward testing procedure
Our Mecmesin Multitest-dV tester has improved efficiency, accuracy and consistency of our in-house testing. Also the customer service / support has been very helpful throughout. We would definitely recommend Mecmesin.

Ashley Adlam, Quality Supervisor, Quality Control
Tecni Ltd.


TECNI Ltd., manufactures and supplies a range of steel, braided and wire rope assemblies for applications as diverse as security locks, balustrades, marine rigging, winching systems and gym equipment. An equally diverse range of crimps, ferrules and swage terminals are produced to meet the needs of the implementation.

A stringent quality assurance process involves proof loading and destruction tests to verify the strength of these cable assemblies. The industry standard check is a straight line pull test to BS EN 13411 - Terminations for Steel Wire Rope Safety.

The company uses a large hydraulic test rig, but saw opportunities for improved efficiency, particularly in the testing of assemblies utilising smaller cable gauges.


Mecmesin supplied a complete, cost-effective, system comprising a motorised test stand with a digital gauge, software and crimp pull testing accessories. Time has been saved by the quick and easy loading of the cable assembly into the Rotating Crimp Receptacle, which accommodates a wide range of terminal configurations; the sample passes through one of the eight slots and is immediately held securely without the need for further adjustment.

The MultiTest-dV and VectorProTM Lite software combination enables TECNI to perform cycle tests and the generation of accurate graphic results allows the pinpointing of exact moments of failure, as well as indicating the pass/fail status against the test standard.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 2.5-dV motorised test stand
  • AFG2500 N Advanced Force Gauge
  • VectorProTM Lite data acquisition and graphing software
  • Rotating Crimp Receptacle
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