Medical suture device calibration system

Case study
VersaTest medical suture crimp calibration horizontally mounted
VersaTest medical suture crimp calibration horizontally mounted
Horizontally-mounted MultiTest with feet kit parts
Horizontally-mounted MultiTest with feet kit parts


  • Motor-driven test stand
  • Custom grips for suture needle location and loop gripping
  • Horizontal-mounting accessories


  • Bespoke solution to meet the exact QC need
  • Repeatable test procedure
  • Simple to use and run the test with immediate tensile force indication


A number of devices which 'crimp' a curved needle to a fine medical thread needed to be tested. The crimp force was applied horizontally pulling a lever on the device.

A test system was required to verify that the force applied to the device was within the specified tolerance, and was repeatable over a number of tests.


The VersaTest motorised stand was adapted for horizontal operation by using a simple feet kit.

The medical suture device was mounted on an 'L' bracket, with a dowel pin to secure it in position. An 'eye-loop' was connected to the force gauge on a clevis-pin and the connected to the lever device.

The lever was then pulled at a test speed of 300 mm/min with peak tension force being recorded on the AFG. The first data acquisition speed of 1200 Hz for the AFG, produced results more repeatable than those produced by the previous test system.

Test equipment

  • 50N AFG
  • VersaTest Motorised Test Stand
  • Horizontal Feet Kit
  • 'L' Bracket and Flexible Eye-Loop'
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