Page pull strength test

Case study
Page Pull Tester with magazine
Page Pull Tester with magazine
Mecmesin Page Pull Tester in-use montage
Mecmesin Page Pull Tester in-use montage


  • Page pull tester
  • Digital gauge and optionally, data acquisiton software


  • Approved product quality testing to international standards
  • Simple and reliable test procedure
  • Confidence adhesion production and manufacturing processes


Mecmesin collaborated with a customer to design and develop a force measurement system to determine book binding adhesive strength in retaining individual pages.


A Mecmesin 500 N force gauge was used in conjunction with a special manually-operated test frame, incorporating an upper gripping fixture able to accommodate the whole length of a single page, and a lower gripping fixture able to firmly hold both book and binding. The gripping fixtures were supplied by Pira International (now Smithers Pira).

The operator applies tensile load to the page until either the page successfully sustains a particular load, or the page separates from the binding, in which case the peak capture facility of the gauge records the load necessary to remove the page.


  • The system can be used to test:
  • adhesive binding strength
  • stitched binding strength
  • page removal by tearing
  • removal by failure of adhesive bond

Test equipment

  • PFI 500 N (superseded by the BFG 500 N)
  • Book and page gripping fixture; Mecmesin Page Pull Tester
  • Emperor Lite Software
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