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Materials Testers

Mecmesin has long been a provider of choice for product testing applications in force and torque, but Mecmesin universal testers are equally at home testing the mechanical and physical properties of raw materials, rubber, plastics, wire, textiles etc. Our range of OmniTest™ UTM systems, with VectorPro™ MT materials testing software are specifically designed to measure stress-strain properties of test specimens.

The FPT-H1 COF tester is a dedicated machine able to measure the frictional properties of materials and coatings of samples such as thin plastic films, paper and board. With the right fixtures and grips the whole of the Mecmesin MultiTest-i and MultiTest-xt range of testing machines can be used in a variety of materials testing applications where extensometry is not critical.

Add to that the power of Emperor software, and our proven track record in providing solutions to individual requirements (no matter how unusual!) and you have a formidable combination.

The examples shown here are just a few where Mecmesin machines have been used to measure material properties successfully and with customer satisfaction..


Examples of Material Testing Applications


Tensile Test on cloth used to make hot air balloons Tensile tests on rubber materials
Tensile strength test on balloon cloth Tensile test on rubber samples

Typical Machine Specifications


  • Vertical daylight: 590 - 1359mm(*)
  • Crosshead speed range: 1 to 1000 mm/min (*)
  • Force range: 2 to 50kN (*)
  • Force resolution: 1:6500 (*)
  • Accuracy: 0.1 to 0.2% (*)
  • Displacement accuracy
  • Displacement resolution
  • Fully interchangeable 'plug and play' load cells
  • Data sampling rate: 10Hz to 1000Hz
  • Full computer control, calculation and reporting available via Emperor, Mecmesin's simple yet
  • powerful control and acquisition software
  • PLC control available

(*) Machine dependent - for individual machine specifications, please see the relevent pages on this website, or request a call back

MultiTest-i Computer-controlled Test Systems


Our top-of-the-range MultiTest-i test stands provide optimum testing performance and data analysis, enabling you to get the most from your test measurements.

  • Controlled via advanced software
  • Create sophisticated test programs
  • Perform in-depth evaluation of results
  • Ideal for Quality Control Laboratory
  • Capacities from 1kN to 50kN


After Sales Service - we ensure you maintain the best performance from your tester through regular calibration
MT-0.5 - After Sales Service
Customer Satisfaction - our engineers will install and fully train your operators so you get the utmost out of your test system
MT-0.5 - Customer Satisfaction
Comprehensive - for optimum, repeatable tests to ISO and ASTM standards we have the solution for you
MT-0.5 - Comprehensive
Cost saving - our test systems help you to minimise wastage through early problem detection
MT-0.5 - Cost saving
Configured to your needs - our team of applications specialists will ensure we deliver the ideal test system for you
MT-0.5-Configured to your needs
Engineering Excellence - we have over 35 years experience in developing force & torque testing systems
MT-0.5 - Engineering Excellence
Competitively priced - we provide affordable test systems to meet your exact requirements
MT-0.5 - Competitively priced

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Experts in Force Measurement

For over 40 years, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force test measurement products. We offer a fully comprehensive service ensuring you feel confident using the product and it provides you with reliable, accurate performance for years to come. Visit our Support & Services section for more details.