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Low-cost Analogue Gauges

Low-cost Analogue Force Gauges

A simple, compact instrument for basic push only or push-pull tests

Our mid-range low-cost analogue force gauges are ideal for applications where quick and simple force measurement is required up to 30 kilogram-force. Designed to hold the peak reading, these gauges can be stored in a toolkit for testing in the field. For improved precision and test functionality, have a look at our Digital Force Gauges.

Key Features

  • Choice of push-pull (FD gauges) or push only (DT gauges)
  • Accuracy ±2% of full scale
  • Low cost
  • Peak hold function
  • Compact and lightweight


6 Models, 1000gf to 30 kgf (2lbf to 60 lbf)

Dimensions - Length: 110 mm (4.3"), Width: 59mm (2.3"), Weight: 76g (0.17lb)

What's included

Supplied with a set of accessories including;

  • Compression plate
  • Extension rod
  • Test hook (FD version only)

(Calibration certificate available, at additional cost)