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Analogue Force Gauges

Analogue Force Gauges

A simple solution for basic push-pull tests

Designed for handheld operation, analogue gauges are useful for performing rudimentary tension and compression tests in the field up to 440N, where precise accuracy is not essential. As these gauges require no power, they are effective and reliable tools that can be stored in your toolkit ready for occasional use as and when necessary. For improved precision and test functionality, have a look at our Digital Force Gauges.

Key Features

  • Push or pull operation
  • Peak hold function
  • Accuracy ±2% of full scale
  • Readings in N and lbf
  • Zeroing by quick press on switch


5 Models, 8N to 440N (2lbf to 110 lbf)

Dimensions - Length: including load application rods, 225mm (8.86"), Width: 60 mm (2.36"), Weight: 570g (1.26lb)

What's included

Supplied in a hard carry case with a full set of accessories including;

  • Chisel point
  • Compression plate
  • Cone point
  • Extension rod
  • Inverse chisel point
  • Test hook