Peel test of semi-rigid packaging for medical device

14 June 2019

Customised engineering example

Our client needed to test the peeling quality of a Tyvek® paper lid used to seal a sterile, semi-rigid thermoformed plastic tray containing pre-filled syringes. Inconsistent peeling can indicate a compromise to the sterility of the package, whilst delamination or tearing of the material can affect aseptic opening and presentation. It may even result in accidental content spillage. 

The seal strength required is commonly tested by the '45-degree peel method' because this best represents how a person would open the package. 

Holding semi-rigid packaging so that it does not deform, requires a custom application for each pack design. Mecmesin designed a vacuum holder in a matched recess, for an exact fit to the thermoformed tray, and positioned at the required angle under an extended tensile test arm. The lid was then peeled back completely from end-to-end at the stipulated 45-degree angle, by using a pinch-grip on a flexible chain link.

 An added advantage of vacuum fixturing is the speed and accuracy of sample changing to reduce testing time and improve efficiency.

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