Sachet compression test

13 December 2018


  • Manually-operated force tester and gauge
  • Digital gauge and loadcell
  • Custom-made sample holding fixtures to contain fluid


  • Simple and quick test to apply the procedure
  • Clean test sample food condiment fluid handling
  • Immediate peak results display


To compress six sachets of ketchup or mayonnaise until failure of the packaging occurred.

The peak compressive force was required as the test result.

The test was deemed complete when a sudden drop in load was detected or release of the sample was evident.


A complete system was supplied including fixtures. The compression plate and extension rod were not connected, so giving a self-centering capability.

A manual stand was used to enable the operator to immediately stop once the test was completed.

The fixtures were made of aluminium for easy cleaning after each test. Test results were in the region of 300-400 N.

Test equipment

  • MDD Manual Test Stand
  • AFTI Display and Mounting Bracket
  • 1000 N S-Beam Loadcell
  • Custom sample spillage container