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The XT Project

Latest updates 27/05/10: Mechanical, Software and Branding

The purpose of this page is to keep all interested parties within the Mecmesin family up to date with the development of this important addition to our product range. I will add updates as and when progress is made. This project is being run like no other in the company’s history and so is developing faster than any before it. We are two months in now, with a planned delivery date of 6th September 2010.

Mecmesin’s new console driven product, currently in development, is intended to replace the MultiTest –x . This will be the first product for Mecmesin using touch-screen technology and will involve the development of new software offering new and improved features including:

  • A much more intuitive user interface
  • The ability to perform ad-hoc ‘test to break’ routines
  • Perform single, dual or cyclic tests
  • Hold the load at the end of each stage
  • Tare load, displacement or both after each stage
  • The ability to save test routines, which can then be run with only two button presses
  • Better load-holding capability
  • The ability to perform long tests over many hours or days
  • The ability to record only the final moments up to sample break
  • The ability to run full Emperor tests, via a software upgrade

I will continue to update these pages with focus on key areas of development:

I would remind everybody that this is a glimpse into the early development of a new product, and from time to time I will report on improvements in features and functionality of Emperor. Any improvements made during the development of the -xt machine will require extensive testing and as it is not intended that there will be any interim releases of Emperor Any new or improved software features will not be available until the release of the –xt in September. Please do not request any ‘specials’ that need this functionality as this will only serve to delay the release of this product.

I hope you find this useful. If there is any other information you think would be of benefit to you, please let me know via the forum topic for this page.

Many thanks,


Dr Patrick Collins

Technical Business Development