ROPP bottle cap closure torque test

19 September 2018

After an Internet search, I happened upon Mecmesin, a British company who were able to provide several cost-effective solutions. We finally settled on the Tornado model, which we felt would provide us with consistency and ease of use, as well as being compact and portable.

We have been using it now for a few months and are very pleased with it and the level of service provided by the helpful Mecmesin staff.

Jane Green, Quality Assurance Manager
Brothers Drinks Co Ltd


Brothers Drinks manufacture and co-pack a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with both Roll on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) and crown bottle caps. This family company produces a variety of innovative flavours, and maintaining the freshness of the drinks is essential to their enviable reputation for quality.

There are specific torque application requirements to seal caps for effective, reliable leakage elimination and taste preservation. It is also important that production line capping heads do not damage closures whilst applying sufficient torque for a hermetic seal.

With a recent increase in the output of the ROPP capped product, there was a requirement to replace the existing test method, which used out-dated analogue equipment and was producing inconsistent results.

The company required a new solution in order to ensure reliable, repeatable test data to meet Brothers’ internal standards and customer expectations.


Mecmesin provided Brothers Drinks with a demonstration model of the Tornado digital torque tester, which allowed the quality assurance team to get hands-on experience with the testing process and make a confident selection.

The Tornado’s accurate digital readings provided increased confidence in the torque value measurements.

Features such as the audible alarm and visual LED pass/fail indication, internal memory for up to 500 readings, plus the versatile mounting table and the large saddle plate, added to its ease of use.

The compact design and portability of this instrument also meant that manufacturing quality inspection through point of production testing was possible.

Test equipment

Company Info
  • Company: Brothers Drinks Co Ltd
  • Industry: Food & Drink
  • Brothers Drinks Co. Limited was started in 1992 by four Showering brothers and is a specialist brewing company and drinks manufacturer based in Somerset, UK.
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